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Michael Randitsas

I'm a freelance graphic designer with a strong passion to create. I graduated from Robert Morris University in May 2012, I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design giving me the opportunity to create great, effective designs. Through my design studies, I've discovered my growing love for typography, the art and technique of arranging type to make what's written beautiful; more importantly readable, as well as logo design.


In June 2012 I was lucky to get my first career position as a graphic designer at a local print shop. That taught me important skills that every designer should learn. How to officially prep files and designs for print production. Also, it helped open my mind to many print ideas. Print design is enhanced with with different media options there is available to print a piece on.


I have been fortunate enough to work with some wonderful clients and establish strong relationships with them. My style is modern, simple, and I can design from anything as small as a business card to as large as a billboard. No matter what project I'm working on, the aesthetic and functionality of the design are most important. I love new and challenging projects that give me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skill set. I believe that design touches every aspect of our lives, it's essentially a decision-maker. I strongly believe in my motto that people pay more attention to things that are a visually represented.


On my free time I like to catch up on my favorite tv shows, go to movies,  read design, movie, and comic book blogs. I enjoy outside activities and enjoying the company of my friends.

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